The ORK has "to submit to the Government and to the Parliament an annual report on the situation of children's rights as well as on its own activities" (Law of 2002, Arti3 d). In addition, each report deals with a particular theme.

Here are the reports in PDF format. They are only available in French. They are optimized for the latest versions of Adobe Reader. Some summaries are clickable so you can easily go to the chapters that interest you. Happy reading!

N.B. The reports are only available in French.

Année   Dossiers thématiques
Report ORK 2016

Being different is normal:
children with special needs

Report ORK 2015

Families in crisis: 
Parenthood and children's rights

Report ORK 2014

Child Participation
Report ORK  2013 Children on the move - Children in migration
Report ORK 2012 Review of the first 10 years of the ORK : results and projects
Report ORK 2011 Child victims of violence
Report ORK 2010

The child during his or her parents' seperation

Report ORK 2009
The child faced with new communication technologies. 
Children and Justice.
Report ORK 2008
Child and poverty.
Simple and full adoption.
Homosexual parenting and adoption.
Report  ORK 2007 Children and Justice; the role of the child's lawyer
Report ORK 2006 The child and his mental health.
Report ORK 2005 The rights of a newborn child, the child's name and the right to an identity.
Report ORK 2004 Children and School: survey about schooling for some 5,000 children in neighboring countries.
Report ORK 2003 Children with special needs and their right to integration



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Ombudsman fir Kanner a Jugendlecher

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L-1140 Luxembourg
Notre nouveau no de téléphone : 28 37 36 35

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Les Recommandations publiées dans le Rapport 2020

Les recommandations et observations publiées dans le rapport 2020











Le Rapport 2021 - Covid 19 et les droits de l'enfant

Le 16 novembre 2021, M. Charel Schmit, Ombudsman fir Kanner a Jugendlecher (OKaJu), a présenté le Rapport annuel de l’OKAJU, publié à l’occasion de la journée internationale des droits de l’enfant. Selon l’Ombudsman fir Kanner a Jugendlecher, il était de toute évidence que le rapport de 2021 allait être dédié à la thématique de la COVID-19 

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La Convention relative aux droits de l’enfant des Nations Unies en résumé:

Article 1
Tout enfant et tout adolescent de moins de 18 ans a les droits énumérés dans la Convention.
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