The act of the 1st of april 2020 introducing the Ombudsman fir Kanner a Jugendlecher fixes the missions of the OKaJu :

  1. he receives and examines the complaints about the non-respect of the rights of the child. He writes recommendations in order to find a solution to the reported situation.
  2. he analyses the mechanisms established to protect and promote the children's rights, in order to propose adjustments to the competent bodies.
  3. he reports cases of non-compliance with the children's rights to the competent authorities and makes recommendations for remedying the reported situation.
  4. he advises natural or legal persons on the implementation of the children's rights.
  5. he ensures children's awareness of their rights and public awareness of the children's rights.
  6. he prepares opinions on all bills, draft laws and draft Grand-Ducal regulations having an impact on the respect of the children's rights.
  7. he prepares opinions at the request of the Government or the Chamber of Deputies on any issue relating to the children's rights.

For the application of this act, "child" means any human being under eighteen years of age.

La loi du 1er avril 2020 instituant l'Ombudsman fir Kanner a Jugendlecher

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Ombudsman fir Kanner a Jugendlecher

65, route d’Arlon
L-1140 Luxembourg
Notre nouveau no de téléphone : 28 37 36 35

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