Even though I’m a minor, can I still contact the Ombudsman without telling my parents?

Yes, you can contact directly and for free the Ombudsman for the Children Rights, to submit your question or/and to get information. The Ombudsman is there to listen to you and to help you to find a suitable solution for your situation. As long as there is no open file and as long as you don’t agree to it, this course of action is without consequences to you. The ORK is, however, legally obliged to intervene in any situation in which a child is in physical or moral danger. The ORK can be informed about it by anyone. If that is the case, he is obliged to inform your legal representatives and any other susceptible authority to intervene in your interest.

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Ombudsman fir Kanner a Jugendlecher

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L-1140 Luxembourg
Notre nouveau no de téléphone : 28 37 36 35

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